Top 3 Most Adventurous Cruises on Earth

AntarcticaThe word ‘cruising’ conjures up images of middle aged couples sipping champagne on their deck chairs as they await the nightly buffet and cinema screening.

However, there is another cruising industry lurking in the shadows that looks down upon such stereotypical and mundane ideas of cruise holidays. Its name is expedition cruising.

Taking off in recent years, expedition cruises offer an altogether different experience from the sunbathing, robe wearing antics of the Caribbean style cruises. Expedition cruises take their guests to parts of the world few have ventured, areas where the seas and landscapes are cold, unforgiving and most certainly dangerous. In fact, it’s almost an insult to call it ‘cruising’. What it should be called is ‘adventure by boat’ or something very similar.

To give you an idea of these cruises, we have listed our top 3 adventure cruises below!

The Northwest Passage

For hundreds of years, adventurous humans have died in the attempt to cross the fabled Northwest Passage.

In fact, until only recently, the crossing was seen as impossible, a mythical link route between the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Not anymore.

With changing climates, adventure cruises now stalk the cool waters between the two oceans and outdoor lovers will be thrilled and amazed at the landscape on offer.

See polar bears and visit ancient Inuit communities as you follow in the footsteps of notorious explorers. Not many people on earth can say they have sailed this particular passage!

Prices start at around $600 per night.

The North Pole

The North Pole is unchartered territory. It’s one of the least explored destinations on earth and you certainly won’t come across many other people who have been there!

Adventure cruise operators have only recently started offering the North Pole as a destination and cruise goers can witness the austere and expansive wilderness of the region from the safety of their ship.

Several of the most popular cruise itineraries in the region are the Lofoten Islands and the northernmost fjords of Norway. Both offer exceptional landscapes, Northern Lights and a wide array of wildlife including Polar bears, sea birds and walruses!


A land unlike any other, a land that many people still believe is unreachable. Yet in 2015 alone, over 35,000 people visited the White Continent!

Tourism has been rising steadily in Antarctica over the years and it’s easy to see why. The landscape is beautiful, endless and brutal. It captivates visitors immediately and conjures up images of another world, an isolated planet of ice and giant whales.

You’ll see stunning icebergs, lounging seals, colonies of seabirds, penguin rookeries and midnight sunsets.

Cruising in Antarctica is not cheap though and the minimum price tag is over $500 per night with the average being nearer a $1,000.