Environmental Policy Tips – Write a Policy for Your Company!

environmental-policyAre you thinking of implementing an environmental policy but don’t know where to start and what to write?

Look no further!

On this page I have highlighted the key tips that you should be aware of to write an incredible environmental policy. I haven’t included environmental policy template. If you are looking for an environmental policy template I highly recommend checking out this marketing leading environmental policy template guide.

An environmental policy has become a very important document for organisations to implement as many customers and procurement bodies now look for clear environmental performance indicators when assessing suppliers. Without an environmental policy it is quite difficult to demonstrate what you are doing in terms of environmental performance.

Also when you have an environmental policy you will find that it has positive implications in terms of retaining customers and helping find savings in your operation. You will be surprised how much money is wasted on inefficient resource and energy practices.

So here are  the top tips you need to know when writing an environmental policy.

Firstly, make sure that your policy has senior management buy in. The guys at the top need to believe in the benefits of implementing an environmental policy to ensure that it hits the shop floor and makes an impact.

Secondly, the policy needs to be easy to understand and short. No more than one A4 page.

In the policy you should include a description about your company and what you do. You should outline any environmental legislation that you have to comply with and also clearly articulate what your overarching environmental objective is.

In the middle of the policy you should state the actions that you are taking to measure, manage and monitor your environmental impacts. Remember to use positive and proactive language – there is no place for reactive language in an environmental policy.

Finally your policy should be signed and dated by the managing director and ensure it is prominently displayed throughout your organisation.

Remember to review your environmental policy at least once and year, and always ensure consistency with the current evolution of the organisation.

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