To Push, Pull or Carry My Golf Bag – That Is The Question

golf-cartsAs readers of this blog will know I started playing golf last year and have subsequently become a full-on golf nut! Much to my wife’s chagrin!

When I started out last year I only had a few clubs which I carried in a pencil bag or what some call Sunday golf bag. These were fun (and light times), but as I have improved my golf game, I have slowly kitted myself out with loads of new gear. In fact last week I treated myself to the new Callaway Epic Driver! Yes Please…

My set now consists of a full 14 clubs, and amazingly I am still able to get 12 of them in my pencil bag.

Nonetheless I have now decided to upscale and get a new golf bag.

The issue that faces me is whether I should go for a standard stand bag or for a cart bag. If I go for the latter then I will of course need to purchase a cart as well. Nowadays, carts come in two broad designs – golf push carts and golf pull carts.

Deciding which type of golf bag to go with has been pretty easy as I’m not that keen to schlep 14 heavy clubs around a golf course on my back. Basically, a cart bag beats a stand bag for me!

But the issue of whether I should go for a push or pull cart has been challenging. It seems the older generation prefer the push variation, whereas the younger generation (who are generally on trend) prefer the pull variation.

I am neither old nor young so I’m a little torn. Or was a little torn until I got the chance to use my mates new Clicgear 3.5+ golf cart. This cart is simply amazing. It consists of three wheels (one in the front and two at the bag), is super lightweight (seriously I was shocked how light this cart is) and folds up into a tiny storable cube!


The best part about it is how easy it makes manoeuvring around the golf course. In some crazy way it even feels like there is an electric element to it.

Suffice to say that after 18 holes of golf I was completely sold on this push cart and immediately went to the pro-shop to purchase it. It is definitely not the cheapest option but in my summation it is the best!

For those of your who play golf I highly recommend giving the Clicgear 3.5+ push cart a whirl. I’m convinced you won’t go back to pushing or carrying!

If you are not convinced yet check out the review on Golf Guide for Beginners, or see this cool unboxing and review video below.

Right, back to the range for me. Will post again soon…

Golfing the golf game, ha!

golf-courseWhat game did you think would be the last on my list of games to play… you guessed it, golf! Okay, maybe curling and bowls are also up there.

But golf was certainly one of the games that I thought I would never be drawn to.

Yet, here I am talking about my new passion, playing golf.

It all started at the beginning of 2016 where I was invited to the driving range with a few mates to basically mess about. A good excuse to get together and drink. And drink we did, but we also spend the afternoon hitting white balls around. Now, I had been to the range before but never really got stuck in. This time though we built some competition into the experience – basically we designed a drinking game around how close people could get to the driving range targets.

Never to shy away from a competition I took on the challenge with full vigour and proved to be rather good. In fact half way through the bucket of golf balls I was clearly winning based on my inebriated state.

After the day, which proved to be thoroughly enjoyable, I decided to sneak back to the range by myself that weekend and test whether my performance the week before was just a fluke. I arrange for the local pro to join me and give me some pointers.

Turns out it wasn’t a fluke. I’m a natural. Of course, ha!

So I have spent the last 4 months getting proper instruction from the golf pro at the range and am now hitting the ball like a seasoned veteran. Next week I have my first full 18 hole experience coming up. I have played 9 holes a few times now, and even made a birdie a week ago, so I am really looking forward to seeing how I perform on the big course next week.

I plan to try break 90 which would effectively give me an 18 handicap. My coach thinks it is possible so I am quite confident.

Now I just need to get some clubs. I have been reviewing these irons on Golf Assessor and I’m about ready to make my purchase.

Will keep y’all posted on how I get on with the game next week.

For golf equipment reviews I recommend Golf Assessor.