Green web hosting made really simple

best-green-web-hosting-3Are you looking at your IT infrastructure and thinking of how you can go green?

Perhaps you have already considered automatic power shutdown technologies to shut down computers and other equipment automatically.

A great initiative that is affordable to implement and very quick to setup is switching your hosting company from a traditional suppliers to a green web hosting company.

Why? Isn’t hosting a service and therefore I don’t have any responsibility or control?

Technically no as you are responsible for emissions in your supply chain – also known as scope three emissions.

And yes you do have the ability to control these emissions – you can purchase green web hosting.

Why is hosting a service that you should be looking at?

Simple, hosting is a very energy intensive service. Hosting companies spend load so money purchasing electricity to power their data servers and keep them cool – the latter is really important as if servers aren’t kept below a certain temperature they will overheat and result in downtime. No one wants there website to go down right?

Green web hosting companies typically operate in the same way as traditional hosting services in that they purchase traditional energy from the electricity grid. The difference is that they then go to the renewable market and purchase 100% renewable energy certificates to offset their emissions. Some of the best green web hosting companies purchase 3 times their electricity consumption, yes 300%!

Why is this good for you?

Well if you purchase green web hosting that is powered 100% off renewable energy you can claim a absolute reduction the indirect emissions on your carbon footprint. Green web hosting is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint without breaking your back or costing the earth.

Also once you go with a green web hosting provider you are unusually provided with great marketing collateral like green web hosting eco tags that you can use prominently on your website to communicate confidently your green credentials to customers and prospects. Awesomeness personified.

This article provides a very detailed overview and recommendation on the top three green web hosting companies. Have a read.