Insurance to trek Kilimanjaro

kilimanjaro-insuranceIf you are planning to trek Kilimanjaro there are a number of things you need to get ready before departing for Tanzania.

For example, you will need a yellow fever vaccination. After the vaccination you will be provide with a yellow card which you need to present when arriving in Tanzania. You will also need to think about the risks of malaria and might want to take malaria tablets if you are planning to do a safari or visit Zanzibar. Note: there are no mosquitoes above 1,800 meters so you can probably get away without taking malaria tablets if you only plan to trek Kilimanjaro – just be careful on either side of the climb and wear insect repellent.

The one thing that many trekkers forget to organise though is Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance. Here are some key considerations but you can find a detailed article on this page – insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro, it also includes an insurance calculator.

The most important factor that you need to consider when buying travel insurance for Kilimanjaro is that you are covered for high altitude trekking. Your insurance needs to cover you for trekking up to 6,000 meters. If it doesn’t include high altitude then it will not be of any use if something goes wrong high up on the mountain. And many things can go wrong, the most common issue is complications associated with acute mountain sickness. Your insurance should cover emergency evacuation and medical costs in the country.

Other considerations you should look at include:

Theft: you will be carrying valuable items like expensive clothing, sleeping bag, trekking polls and cameras. As you are in a developing country, the risk of theft is high. Moreover the risk of lost or damaged baggage during your flight can be detrimental to your summit success chances. Make sure your insurance covers theft

Cancellation, delay and financial default: Things often go wrong when one travels – flights are sometimes cancelled or delayed and tour operators can go bust. Makes sure your insurance covers you for any of these eventualities.

For more detailed information on travel insurance check out this Wiki article and have a really good frequently asked questions section here.

You can use the calculator on this page to get a Kilimanjaro travel insurance quote: see

All the best for your Kilimanjaro trek!

Mount Kilimanjaro Facts and Interesting Figures

kilimanjaro-factsSo you are interested in Mount Kilimanjaro. Perhaps you are going to Tanzania on a safari holiday or more exciting, to trek Kilimanjaro. Either way knowing some important Mount Kilimanjaro Facts will stand you in good stead when you get to Tanzania..

In this article I have tried to highlight the most important Mount Kilimanjaro facts. If I have missed anything please let me know.

First up.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro is situtaed in the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, Africa.

2. Tanzania is a n incredible country that houses not only the mountain but Lake Victoria, Zanzibar, the Serengeti Plains and the ancient Masai Mara.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mount on the continent of Africa and also the highest standalone mountain in the world! How high?

4. The mountain stands at an ominous 5,895 meters or 19371 feet into the sky – yes small planes have to fly around it it is so big

5. It is such a large geographic feature that it generates its own weather – the rainy season is in April – May.

6. The mountain can be separated into five climate zones. On the lower reaches the mountain is a tropical rainforest. Banana plantations cover the lower slopes. As one ascends the fauna and fauna change dramatically. At 3000 meters the landscape become shrub land or moorland in setting – little bushes, small rodents, big birds, At around 4,200 meters the mountain setting becomes like an alpine landscape with lots of dry exposed rock formations. This then gives way to a dessert landscape constituted by a very fine glacial silt. Right at the top of the mountain is a glacial setting

7. The glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro have been receding since the early 20th century and are now nearly 90% gone

8. There are six mount Kilimanjaro trekking routes – two from the west are called Lemosho and Shira, 3 from the south are called Machame, Maragu and Umbwe and one from the north east is called Rongai.

For more Kilimanjaro facts we recommend this Kilimanjaro website.