Go Green Ideas for a Small Business

go-green-ideas-2Are you a small business looking to go green? If so the biggest hurdle is probably finding the time and money to invest in green business ideas that are going to have a positive impact in your busy.

In this post I have highlighted some go green ideas that:

1. don’t cost a lot of money to implement. In some cases they are totally free

2. don’t take a lot of time to get off the ground. Moreover they are not resource sapping

Implementing these ideas well will ensure that you get a quick payback in terms of energy and resource savings as well as develop a compelling story that you can market to your customers and potential clients.

3 Go Green Ideas for a Small Business

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Have a look at your operation and identify what you can reduce using (for example you can start double sided printing which will halve your printing needs overnight and save you a tonne of cash). Then look at what you can reuse. Sticking with the paper example you get staff to keep scrap paper on their desk which they can use instead of taking new paper every time they want to scribble a note. And then you can also invest in a comprehensive recycling scheme.

2. Switch off and power down. It may sound obvious but you will be surprised how much equipment and lighting is left on when you and all your staff go home. You wouldn’t leave things on in your house so why do we at work. Get people to recognize this fact by running a switch off campaign to get people to turn off their idle computers and monitors when they leave work, turn off idle printers and most importantly turn off lights. If that doesn’t work invest into affordable automatic shutdown plugs

3. Switch to green web hosting. If you have a website you are already using a hosting company. You can easily switch to a more sustainable supplier – a green web hosting company – and then claim the benefit of having a carbon neutral website. You can market this fact on your website and the great thing is that it costs no additional money as green web hosting companies charge the same price as normal web hosters

Here are some more go green ideas from this professional sustainable business website